Open to anyone with curiosity and desire to explore beyond the physical state of existence. Body and mind are prepared to travel through various realms of consciousness though guided and unguided meditations.

You will begin by exploring the tunnel, often reported by people who have had near death experiences. Experience the colours, music and crystals there, before you connect with the tunnel itself. Discover its origins and significance. Meet and converse with your guides.

Next, you will enter the realm of the Black Light, the place of unmanifested potential where you can create with ease and merge with Source . In this exquisitely quiet place of complete and utter stillness, there is no ego, no future, no past, simply the eternal now.

Finally, you will connect with the Clear Light of Love, recognizing and remembering that this love is in us, all around us and is the fundamental energy of our universe.

Workshop*, in group, per individual: $250
Retreat** in group, per individual: $566
Private retreat***, one person: $676

* Held in Winnipeg. Includes 2 day tuition.
**/*** Held in Riverton. Includes 2 day tuition, 2 night accommodation and meals.

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