Valuable for anyone faced with a life threatening condition, as well as for caregivers of the terminally ill, this program assists with dramatically reducing the common fears surrounding physical death. It promotes a sense of calm, peace and dignity as end of life approaches. 

The guided exercises created by Elisabeth Kubler Ross will carry you along the continuum of consciousness to experience and explore independence from the physical body. Valuable knowledge received through direct experience allows for reassurance that we are more than our physical bodies and that we survive physical death. These rewarding journeys of discovery will help you resolve any unfinished business so that you can live more fully in each moment.

Participants learn experientially through a specially designed Hemi-Sync Binaural beat audio system. Then of thousands of people have attended the Institute's outreach programs, and millions have benefited from their educational materials.

Retreat* per individual: $960
Private retreat**, one person: $1675. 2nd person $460

* Held in Winnipeg. Includes 5 day tuition.
** Held in Riverton. Includes 5 day tuition, 6 night accommodation and meals.

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